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Hi, I'm Sergio Cornaga. Collected here is virtually every game I've ever worked on, regardless of quality. Thanks to Glorious Trainwrecks and Knytt Stories Level Archive for generously hosting most of these downloads. You might also like Duck Fight or FREEINDIEGA.ME
AAAAAmaze (2012)


AAAAAmaze was my main project of Global Game Jam 2012. Our team had three amazing artists (Lianne Booton, Anthony Lau and Regan Music) and a great Java programmer (Paul Catling) so I opted to mostly do odd jobs like sound effects, glitch graphics and tedious sprite recolouring. Due to the excessive quantity of artists there are several neat graphics that never made it into the Windows version, though they have been implemented in the iPad port.

Sunday February 12th
You Have To Eat Yourself (2012)

You Have To Eat Yourself

For Global Game Jam 2012 I took an hour out of my team project to interpret the theme as literally as possible. Geez, this was my first game of 2012? Oh well.

Sunday February 12th
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Water Walk (2011)

Water Walk

A short Knytt Stories level in which your ability to jump is taken away from you.

You will need Knytt Stories to play this level.

Friday November 25th
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TIME WORM!!! (2011)


My third and final Klik of the Month Klub #53 submission, and the only one made within the traditional two hour time limit. A one button love letter to Animation Library, the unofficial theme of the event as suggested by madamluna. The music is a combination of two short Casio SK-1 recordings from SynthMania which I used based on advice from SpindleyQ.

Monday November 21st
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thurs day part ii (2011)

thurs day part ii

My second contribution to Klik of the Month Klub #53. I received a wide range of feedback on thurs day after including it in the 2012 IGF Pirate Kart, so I felt compelled to make a sequel. thurs day part ii attempts to compile several notable art games into a singular experience. The graphics are original this time, as is the audio, with the exception of a few samples from Moondust and Passage.

Monday November 21st
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Worker & Parasite: The Game (2011)

Worker & Parasite: The Game

Worker & Parasite is the first of three games I submitted to Klik of the Month Klub #53. It is an adaptation of the skit of the same name from The Simpsons, inspired by the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games and rhetoricstu’s Silly Family. I created the graphics in June and then sent them to rhetoricstu, who implemented the appropriately glitchy gameplay. The music is Goto80’s Jonkvrouwe as remixed by Mark Gobbin, and can be obtained here.

Monday November 21st
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Eliza Edith Escapes Expiration (2011)

Eliza Edith Escapes Expiration

A pseudo-sequel to Sergio Cornaga, Procrastinator made for both Klik of the Month Klub #52 and the 2012 IGF Pirate Kart. This game began its life as a proposed sprite swap of Sergio Cornaga, Procrastinator that arose in conversation with my friends Eliza and Michael. The next day I thought it would be cool to actually make it, so I enlisted the help of the finest skull artist I know, Ethan Worley, who promptly drew the vast majority of the game’s many skulls. The music featured is Dock Boggs’ rendition of Oh, Death.

Friday October 28th
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devective (2011)


This was my contribution to The Vector 3D Jam Klik & Play Multi-Game Pirate Kart, a bulk-submission for RAGE 2011 proposed by EffBee on Glorious Trainwrecks. The objective of RAGE is to create a horrible Sonic fangame. I believe I succeeded; devective is probably the worst game I’ve ever created. A requirement for RAGE 2011 was to prominently feature the character Vector the Crocodile. I knew nothing about this character or most of the others mentioned in this game and the ‘plot’ is based entirely on about ten minutes of Internet browsing.

Friday October 28th
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Sergio Cornaga, Procrastinator (2011)

Sergio Cornaga, Procrastinator

Made for Klik of the Month Klub #50. I had hoped to work on a much larger game in the weeks leading up to the event but I couldn’t bring myself to do that because I constantly felt I should be working on an essay. This didn’t stop me from being distracted by lots of smaller things, as documented in this game. I found the backgrounds on the Internet, but I have no idea who made them. The title is a reference to Tom Sennett, Procrastinator.

Monday August 22nd
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End of Chapter 1

40 posts and almost 60 games and levels later, I’ve reached today in my game development history. That means that while I will continue to post things I create, the pace at which games pop up will decrease greatly.

I could delve into the projects I never completed for a little bit more content, as I did once already. However, most of these games are not quite abandoned, which makes me reluctant to start posting them. I am also considering ditching chronological order if I go ahead with this plan. I’d be interested in your opinions.

I’ll probably be taking a little break from posting things for now, anyway. But please, provide feedback!

Friday July 29th
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