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Hi, I'm Sergio Cornaga. Collected here is virtually every game I've ever worked on, regardless of quality. Thanks to Glorious Trainwrecks and Knytt Stories Level Archive for generously hosting most of these downloads. You might also like Duck Fight or FREEINDIEGA.ME
Sergio Cornaga, Procrastinator (2011)

Sergio Cornaga, Procrastinator

Made for Klik of the Month Klub #50. I had hoped to work on a much larger game in the weeks leading up to the event but I couldn’t bring myself to do that because I constantly felt I should be working on an essay. This didn’t stop me from being distracted by lots of smaller things, as documented in this game. I found the backgrounds on the Internet, but I have no idea who made them. The title is a reference to Tom Sennett, Procrastinator.

Monday August 22nd
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