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Hi, I'm Sergio Cornaga. Collected here is virtually every game I've ever worked on, regardless of quality. Thanks to Glorious Trainwrecks and Knytt Stories Level Archive for generously hosting most of these downloads. You might also like Duck Fight or FREEINDIEGA.ME
Noah More Heroes (2011)

Noah More Heroes

Noah More Heroes was made for the Global Game Jam 2011 with Erik Hogan, Michael Schaeffers, Andrew Young and Anthony Lau. In addition to this already large group, Kei Kasai provided the title screen art and Thinkt Studios provided music and some sound effects. My main contributions to this game were art and design, but I was also the voice of Noah.

You should get it over at Earok’s Arcade, as that’s the place updated versions are most likely to be found in the future. As a side note, this game will be available for purchase this weekend at Overload as part of the Earok 2011 Collection, so check it out if you’re in Auckland (you probably aren’t).

Friday July 22nd
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Crudquest VI: Quest for the Sacred Jewel of Manzar (2003)


Finished at age 13, but the vast majority of the game seems to have been made around age 11. After receiving BlitzBasic as a present from my dad at age 10, I went on to make several pseudo text adventures (since that was the only thing I could figure out how to program on my own). Only this one survives. I’m pretty sure I’d never actually played a text adventure at this age, which is probably why this game features a generic fantasy setting and lacks things like verb based commands or using single letter shortcuts for compass directions.

Thursday July 7th