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Hi, I'm Sergio Cornaga. Collected here is virtually every game I've ever worked on, regardless of quality. Thanks to Glorious Trainwrecks and Knytt Stories Level Archive for generously hosting most of these downloads. You might also like Duck Fight or FREEINDIEGA.ME
$13 Game (2014)

$13 Game

A competitive game for four players, who each control their avatar using only one key. It was made in exchange for an overly expensive White Russian bought by Matthew Gatland.

Friday February 7th
#heartBEATbox 5: Heart of the City (2013)

#heartBEATbox 5: Heart of the City

#heartBEATbox 5: Heart of the City was made for Global Game Jam 2013 in collaboration with Lianne Booton, Gerard Paapu and Joshua Smyth. It is comprised of a brief rap battle simulator bookended by elaborate cutscenes (which merely hint at the game’s extensive backstory) and a needlessly long high-score tallying sequence which I provided the narration for.

To play this game, you will need XNA, a microphone, and Windows speech recognition.

Thursday March 14th
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stanley melberg: accursed accountant (2012)

stanley melberg: accursed accountant

My second game for Klik of the Month Klub #57 (though one that took well over two hours) was a fan sequel to hugs’ excellent Klik of the Month Klub #53 submission, stanley melberg: enchanted accountant. The music used is the appropriately-titled Inferno from La-Mulana, but edited by me to include more orchestra hits. The downloadable version of this game is, in my opinion, slightly superior.

Friday May 11th
Passagebalt (2012)


Passagebalt is a Pirate Kart V submission that fuses Passage and Canabalt. Of all my games so far, Passagebalt has spread the furthest, being featured on, Rock Paper Shotgun,, Kotaku, Edge and many other places. Virtually every asset in the game was appropriated, see the game’s page on Glorious Trainwrecks for an extensive list of credits.

Monday April 2nd
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Miscellaneous Pirate Kart V Submissions (2012)

Miscellaneous Pirate Kart V Submissions

Four Pirate Kart V submissions too questionable for solo posts. The first, Stop Using Your Gut: How to Efficiently Measure ROI was yet another Kickstarter reward based on the suggestion “make a game based on the title of any talk scheduled for GDC”. This time, inspiration was provided by Curtis Onuczko of BioWare Edmonton. The second, Coolmann, is a Choose Your Own Adventure game built in Twine. It was a collaboration with two friends of mine (who may or may not have been inebriated at the time) which was released under the pseudonym ‘Von Lemaggio’.

The third, Pixel Perfect Gaiden, is a fangame of toaster’s Pixel Perfect also inspired by Jory Griffis’ Pixel Perfect 3.5: Fan Mix. It was my first foray into GameMaker HTML5. The fourth, The Negging Wife: Gaiden: The Rhinoceros Poop Adventures is a sprite edit of markp0rter’s The Nagging Wife: The Dog Poop Adventures.

Friday March 23rd
Dandelion Game (2012)

Dandelion Game

Made frantically in the 5 hours before the deadline to the Experimental Gameplay Project 5 Buttons Competition. It was made with the swimming pool / art gallery setting firmly in mind, but feel free to play it at home with the 1-5 keys on your keyboard.

Sunday February 12th
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You Have To Eat Yourself (2012)

You Have To Eat Yourself

For Global Game Jam 2012 I took an hour out of my team project to interpret the theme as literally as possible. Geez, this was my first game of 2012? Oh well.

Sunday February 12th
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TIME WORM!!! (2011)


My third and final Klik of the Month Klub #53 submission, and the only one made within the traditional two hour time limit. A one button love letter to Animation Library, the unofficial theme of the event as suggested by madamluna. The music is a combination of two short Casio SK-1 recordings from SynthMania which I used based on advice from SpindleyQ.

Monday November 21st
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thurs day part ii (2011)

thurs day part ii

My second contribution to Klik of the Month Klub #53. I received a wide range of feedback on thurs day after including it in the 2012 IGF Pirate Kart, so I felt compelled to make a sequel. thurs day part ii attempts to compile several notable art games into a singular experience. The graphics are original this time, as is the audio, with the exception of a few samples from Moondust and Passage.

Monday November 21st
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Worker & Parasite: The Game (2011)

Worker & Parasite: The Game

Worker & Parasite is the first of three games I submitted to Klik of the Month Klub #53. It is an adaptation of the skit of the same name from The Simpsons, inspired by the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games and rhetoricstu’s Silly Family. I created the graphics in June and then sent them to rhetoricstu, who implemented the appropriately glitchy gameplay. The music is Goto80’s Jonkvrouwe as remixed by Mark Gobbin, and can be obtained here.

Monday November 21st
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