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Hi, I'm Sergio Cornaga. Collected here is virtually every game I've ever worked on, regardless of quality. Thanks to Glorious Trainwrecks and Knytt Stories Level Archive for generously hosting most of these downloads. You might also like Duck Fight or FREEINDIEGA.ME
Santa Without a Claus (2012) | Mushroom Maze (2013)

Santa Without a Claus and Mushroom Maze

Two games (in the loosest sense of the word) belonging to the ‘wander around without a goal’ genre. Santa Without a Claus is a reskin of Pac-Man Without a Cause made for Grinch of the Month #66, while Mushroom Maze was made for Klik of the Month Klub #74. Unsurprisingly, another game called Mushroom Maze already exists.

Monday August 19th
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You Have To Put The Stake In The Dracula (2012)

You Have To Put The Stake In The Dracula

I started making this halfway through Kackling Korpse of the Monster Klaw #64. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t finish it by the event deadline, but I decided to polish it up and release it for Halloween. The title is inspired by Healy’s similarly named series of games, while music is derived from the Castlevania franchise (primarily the surprisingly good cellphone port of Dawn of Sorrow).

Thursday November 1st
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Barbara Kwest (2005) | Barbara Kwest 2012 (2012)

Barbara Kwest and Barbara Kwest 2012

One weekend when I was around 12, I installed a copy of AGS on a computer belonging to my grandmother, Barbara. I started making an adventure game starring her, then forgot about it for two years. In 2005, I discovered that the source files were still there, added an ending and showed Barbara, who unsurprisingly appreciated it. In 2012, I discovered that the source files had somehow still survived despite a couple of computer changes and decided to release Barbara Kwest via Pirate Kart V: The 2012-in-one Glorious Developers Konference Kollection.

I also took the opportunity to make a sequel to the game, this time with Barbara’s assistance. The original was an adventure game because that was the genre Barbara enjoyed most at the time, but now she’s more into hidden object games (hence the radical new direction taken by Barabara Kwest 2012). We used Klik & Play, because I missed it and Barbara’s computer is capable of running it natively. The version posted here will run on 64-bit Windows, though.

Monday April 2nd
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Miscellaneous Pirate Kart V Submissions (2012)

Miscellaneous Pirate Kart V Submissions

Four Pirate Kart V submissions too questionable for solo posts. The first, Stop Using Your Gut: How to Efficiently Measure ROI was yet another Kickstarter reward based on the suggestion “make a game based on the title of any talk scheduled for GDC”. This time, inspiration was provided by Curtis Onuczko of BioWare Edmonton. The second, Coolmann, is a Choose Your Own Adventure game built in Twine. It was a collaboration with two friends of mine (who may or may not have been inebriated at the time) which was released under the pseudonym ‘Von Lemaggio’.

The third, Pixel Perfect Gaiden, is a fangame of toaster’s Pixel Perfect also inspired by Jory Griffis’ Pixel Perfect 3.5: Fan Mix. It was my first foray into GameMaker HTML5. The fourth, The Negging Wife: Gaiden: The Rhinoceros Poop Adventures is a sprite edit of markp0rter’s The Nagging Wife: The Dog Poop Adventures.

Friday March 23rd
Weem 2 (2010)

Weem 2

A sequel to that one button game I made five years prior to this one. Weem 2 was made in Klik & Play for Klik of the Month Klub #41. Puzzle idea by PurpleChair, I think (I don’t seem to have recorded this anywhere). MIDI music by Trash80. Used without permission, but it seems like the sort of thing he’d be OK with.

Once again, the version posted here is compatible with 64-bit Windows.

Wednesday July 20th
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Klik & Play Games Part 2 (2010)

Klik & Play Games Part 2

This is a collection of the three remaining games I submitted to The 529-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart II: Klik Harder, all of which were made in Klik & Play. Once again, these have been converted to allow running on 64-bit Windows.

THE NORMAN FAMILY GOES VACATIONING 2: THE SEXY BIKINI BABES OF EASTERN RUSSIA is a prequel to THE NORMAN FAMILY GOES VACATIONING 3: “I think we left the baby home” which I made at the request of that game’s creator, LocoRoo. Pac-Man Without a Cause speaks for itself. High Society is dumb.

Saturday July 16th
Klik & Play Games Part 1 (2009-2010)

Klik & Play Games Part 1

This is a collection of every game I’ve submitted to Klik of the Month Klub that was made in Klik & Play (except Weem 2, which will get its own post). Now that I only have regular access to 64-bit versions of Windows, it’s unlikely I’ll ever make another Klik & Play game.

Meh Effect 1 & 2 Collection Special Edition was made for my friend Thomas, who plays more of the Mass Effect series than any other game. The game is based mostly on media coverage of the “virtual orgasmic rape” not found in Mass Effect. Soccer Judge: The Revenge and Spread Joy were both made in desperate attempts to participate in Klik of the Month Klub without actually having time to spend on it. Soccer Judge: The Revenge was made in 10 minutes, mostly by my friend Liam, while Spread Joy was made in 20 minutes. The Legend of Zeldar: Hunchback Extermination Extreme is built entirely around a gameplay mechanic I accidentally implemented as a result of my lack of Klik & Play knowledge.

All games have been converted using The Games Factory so they can run on 64-bit Windows. The original Klik & Play version of The Legend of Zeldar: Hunchback Extermination Extreme is also included in the download since I wasn’t able to preserve the original animations for the converted version.

Tuesday July 12th