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Hi, I'm Sergio Cornaga. Collected here is virtually every game I've ever worked on, regardless of quality. Thanks to Glorious Trainwrecks and Knytt Stories Level Archive for generously hosting most of these downloads. You might also like Duck Fight or FREEINDIEGA.ME
devective (2011)


This was my contribution to The Vector 3D Jam Klik & Play Multi-Game Pirate Kart, a bulk-submission for RAGE 2011 proposed by EffBee on Glorious Trainwrecks. The objective of RAGE is to create a horrible Sonic fangame. I believe I succeeded; devective is probably the worst game I’ve ever created. A requirement for RAGE 2011 was to prominently feature the character Vector the Crocodile. I knew nothing about this character or most of the others mentioned in this game and the ‘plot’ is based entirely on about ten minutes of Internet browsing.

Friday October 28th
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Bee Man (2011)

Bee Man

Made for Klik of the Month Klub #46. This is the first (and so far, only) thing I’ve created using Ren’Py, a program which deserves a lot of praise since I was able to learn how to use it and complete a game with it in two hours. The premise of this game was suggested by PurpleChair.

Tuesday July 26th
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FUTURE WARS: 92 Minutes (2009) | Time Weasels (2009)

FUTURE WARS: 92 Minutes and Time Weasels

Two collaborations with Mark Gobbin. FUTURE WARS: 92 Minutes was made at age 18, in 92 minutes. It was a test of whether we could handle Klik of the Month and became the first official release of Team 3000, a group devoted to the creation of games, comics, music, art and writings. Although the Team 3000 website crashed some time ago (taking a lot of its content with it) the group lives on in our hearts and minds.

At age 19 I worked on Time Weasels, a sequel of sorts to FUTURE WARS: 92 Minutes. This time I handled art and sound, while Mark took care of design and programming; a reversal of our roles for the prequel. This was technically my first submission to Klik of the Month, although we failed to finish the game within two hours. A third game in the series called Chrono Digger was planned but never completed.

Sunday July 10th
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